Since a couple of years We are trying to find some land on the west part of Bali, the most natural and untouched area of the island, the prices for real states are increasing day by day, two years ago Ismayanti and Gordon showed us a beautiful plot by the beach, near a temple with a road access and eletricity. It is a perfect location to create a simple but charming retreat.
Ismayanti and Gordon became a good friends, they are runing and creating theier own retreat Kelapa, Gordon has a huge knowledge and a very precious experience in planing and constructing in Bali, and is open to overtake the construction of Samádhi. We will create a Co.Ltd. were every partner has its own share, this company "Samádhi Bali" has an Indonesian partner Ms Ismayanti, she also ownes the land, and a second partner in this case it wil be Ananda Leone. This is only the legal form of the company, the most important part are the shareholders, where in a contract, it will be defined the clear % of each investor.
The company "Samádhi Bali" will use the Land of Gordon and Ismayanti and they will also get a % of the shares.
The total investiments for the development of Samádhi is €750.000, for more details see the attached table. We are looking for maximum 5 shareholders, each a €60.000 or even better if someone can have 2/5 so €120.00.
The expected return of the investiment is arround 5 and 10 years. The Investors will have some privileges in the use of the facilities in Samádhi.

We are working with Gordon and have explored costs, building options and infrastructure requirements.
From this we are proposing the following:
  • The land has 35m beachfront and easy road access, with all facilities like electricity, water supply, phone line, and internet access.
  • Our architect has created an impression of the completed development (attached)
  • We have identified detailed costs which we estimate to be in the region €300.000
Buildings description:
  • 12 villas à 50m2, some of them with a second floor, those will have 100m2. The villas are basically divided in a 25m2 bedroom, a12,5m2 terrace and 12,5 bathroom with outdoor shower, air condition using the traditional bali style, with floors in light ceramic, light walls with big windows to the ocean and roof in iron wood shingles.
  • Infinity pool 20x5m overlooking the ocean.
  • Restaurant by the beach in the same size of the pool 20x5m. Very simple Bale (Balinese open Hall) also with light floors and with iron wooden shingle roof. This will be more in the front of the property as a comun area.
  • more on the back of the property will be a two storey building, 12x8m, on the second floor a open Bale with coconut wooden floor and an iron wooden schingle roof, the first floor our Spa with few rooms for treatments.
  • Lobby and office in balinese style.
  • extra rooms for staff, laundry, store, etc ...
  • for the interieur decoration we furnish basic in white wash for all the rooms, using some wooden carvings and stones for the bathroom.
We expects that the development will be completed by December 2015, so the funds would need to be paid at key stages between August 2014 and January 2015. Additionally, if you have any friends who might be interested, please feel free to forward this document to them. We are definitely up for making new friends.