A spiritual and ecological community in Bali

We would like to invite you to join us in creating Samádhi, a new spiritual and ecological retreat on the North West coast of the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. Ananda and Sophie Leone have many years developing and working with a Yoga Retreat in Ubud BALI BLISS (www.baliblissresort.com), together with Gordon Hild and his wife Ismayanti who created, developed and managed, in Pekutatan the KELAPA retreat (www.kelaparetreat.com) would like to invite friends, old and new, to join us in creating a new small retreat in the incredible natural beauty of the North West coast of Bali. In an area that has seen little development.

Our vision is to create a sanctuary to slow down in a place of natural beauty and peace. We want to bring together a group of people of many backgrounds who are open to share their experiences, as well as respecting the unique and beautiful Balinese customs and traditions. At the ecological level over time, we want this place to create its own energy (solar, water, etc), grow its own organic vegetables and fruits (permaculture) and treat its own waste. We see Samádhi as sometimes vibrant with a yogagroups and trainings, meditation or other groups, other times a spot for family and friends to enjoy the peace and beauty of this place together.

The Idea is to use traditional materials and design with a modern finishing, creating a perfect blend of the balinese art and western standard work. The Retreat will be set in approx 7000 m2 of beach-facing land that is owned by Gordon and Ismayanti on the northwest coast of Bali.

The Tourism in Bali is increasing around 10% a year, and the tendency is growing, most of them are in the south area Kuta in a very irresponsible art of tourism, with Samádhi we want to creat an alternativ in a much more conscious and sustainble way of using the natural and human resources of the island.
With tourism on the increase in Bali, we see this both as an inexpensive way to enjoy spending time here and as an increasing source of income.

We plan to create:
  • 12 villas (50 -100 m2)
  • Restaurant
  • A large group room for Yoga, Meditation, and other group activities
  • Spa for massage and treatments
  • Infinity cheap breitling pool
  • Lobby Reception
  • Staff working to prepare meals and drinks and take care of the villas and gardens
  • A full time local manager to run the facilities and staff smoothly
  • Staff-Laundry Area
  • Parking area
  • Vegetable garden